Coloring Book 7: Toys

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Coloring Book 7: Toys

All types of toys to color.

A seventh colors book course with all styles of gadgets to coloring! It has got the very same program as the different coloring textbooks, but with brand-new songs. The 50 photos integrated with the full version are usually Airplanes, Airport, Artwork Collection, Bathtub Playthings, Blocks, Table Sport, Boats, Bubbles, Stanza, Cars, Laptop Activity, Doctors Set in place, Doll Property, Doll Apparel, Doll Stroller, Dominoes, Place Set, Handy Puppets, Flame Truck, Storage Set in place, Jacks, Jungle Fitness center, Kites, Marbles, Songs, Peek-a-boo Puppet, Peg Collection, Pull Gadget, Puppets, Challenge, Robots, Rocking Horse, Form Sorter, Skates, Sliding Challenge, Sports, Springtime Toys, Filled Animals, Swing action Set, Teas Collection, Tiny Family pets, Tool Set in place, Toy Troopers, Coach, Tricycle, Passenger trucks, Lorry, Xylophone, Garden Tool Set in place, and Zoo Puppets. Shared by Dataware.

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Coloring Book 7: Toys

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