FlexiMusic Kids Composer2

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FlexiMusic Kids Composer2

Music creating/composing software for kids

1. FlexiMusic Children Composer will be an incredible system that enables children to generate songs on their personal. Making use of a color brush, an erase device and a mouse, it is fun and easy way to give your song a new birth.

2. Music samples are selected from "Beats" window, and tunes from "Stars" window, then using the “Paint brush” paint them on a monitor.

3. Plenty of Musical instruments: Click on the “Music” switch to discover the Music home window, where you can see hundred’s of instruments including Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Horns, Percussions and lots more, with which, you can produce music of high quality.

4. Easy Understanding: FlexiMusic Kids Composer software is suited for small kids, because of its multi-colored interface, simple equipment, and huge basic buttons are usually simple to recognize and make use of

5. Enhancing your Music: After developing the music, fine changes can end up being done using Tempo. Tempo panel will be used to control the velocity of the tunes. The track can be played either at slower or faster velocity by moving the Tempo screen towards the left or correct.

6. Audio Documenting: Report your very own vocals perform and have fun with along with songs.

FlexiMusic Children Composer is best suited for kids who desire to compose their own songs using types of equipment.

7. FlexiMusic Children Music Entire world: Mothers and fathers would like their children to spend their leisure time performing something worth-full. The FlexiMusic Kids Music Globe is usually an educative, amusement and fun centered. FlexiMusic Kids Music World’s fun element is usually much adequate that children like to make use of it at house.

8. When you purchase FlexiMusic Children Composer, we are usually supplying an incredible FlexiMusic Children Music Entire world plan which will be produced for children of about 5 calendar year previous. This can become played making use of the computer mouse on your own and not really the keyboard.

9. Making use of FlexiMusic Children Composer, in no period, your children will generate amazing music.

10. FlexiMusic Kids Composer song output can be saved to Wav file.

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FlexiMusic Kids Composer2

Requirements :

Pentium,32Mb ram,Multimedia


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