3D Backgammon Unlimited

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3D Backgammon Unlimited

A stylish 3D Backgammon to play on internet.

Typically the Backgammon, an immensely well-liked game for two participants, is actually a clever combination regarding luck and strategy video game that can be enjoyed under hundreds of codified variants some of these people dating from the large Egyptian antiquity or also earlier like the stunning Royal game of 3rd there’s r. The board consists regarding 24 numbered isosceles triangles of alternative colors assembled by six into several quadrants. The players deal with the other person and each aspect presents a property board in addition to an outer board regarding six points each. A new cross side bar divides Home from Out panel and is used since a kind of imprisonment to maintain the captured pieces. Each player possesses 12-15 checkers. The roll regarding a couple of dice determines just how many steps forward a new player can move his or her checkers from the Residence board position to typically the Out board and keep them home. The very first player to bear away from all of his pieces wins the match.

This specific game is superbly created in 3D, with treasured textures to find the best comfort regarding playing and learning. That offers many properly visual options to create a new pleasant gaming atmosphere. Starters will need the intuitive software, by having an online Help food selection always accessible at a new touch of your mouse, the ability of setting the degree of typically the adversary while playing in opposition to the computer. The opposition can be the personal computer at various Elo ranges, or another player, regional or on a LOCAL AREA NETWORK. You can create a new game and invite one more player or join oneself into an opened video game on the network. An individual can rollback the continuous game or save that to reload later regarding replay. To play this specific game, you should have Windows 9x or better on a new 500Mhz processor, or a great equivalent, equipped with a new 3D accelerated card appropriate DirectX 8 or far better and 8 Mo regarding video memory. It is usually very easy to mount and uninstall the video game. This game will increase as the skills regarding the players do, considering that TLK Games guarantees, for your registered version of this specific game, a life extended guarantee for updates.

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3D Backgammon Unlimited

Requirements :

Pentium 550, 128 MB, 3D Graphic Card, Sound Card, DirectX 8, DirectX 9


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