BPS Popup Shield

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BPS Popup Shield

BPS Popup Shield is an anti-popup program.

BPS Popup Safeguard also allows you to prevent advertising banners that can become very irritating and distract from the pages actual content material, in inclusion to losing useful bandwidth. A small window seems at the right bottom part of your display, each time a popup windows is caught by the system. In inclusion You can see the Popup Count Windows by selecting the Display Popup Count Windows from the System System Tray menu. BPS Popup Safeguard supports Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape and Opera. BPS Popup Safeguard is usually a powerful anti-popups tool that detects, hindrances, eliminates and kills undesirable popups. BPS Popup Safeguard possess the ability to run instantly when you release any of your browsers that you possess configured their Proxy Server with BPS Popup Safeguard. It will also close instantly when you near the your internet browser. BPS Popup Safeguard possess an option to either start each time you start Windows or to run it by hand. BPS Popup Safeguard kills and halts ad popups from irritating you and losing your surfing time on the web. It is usually is quickly accessed from an symbol in your system tray. The website of the popup windows is displayed in the Domain names Listing, and the Link that offers produced this popup in displayed in the Sites Listing. To observe the URLs that produces popups in a specific domain, just select the website from the Domain names Listing, and the details you would like are displayed in the Sites Listing. With BPS Popup Safeguard , you can deny annoying popup windows when you surf online. Installing BPS Popup Safeguard halts all pop-ups and irritating ads. BPS Popup Safeguard is usually a wise and easy system that will instantly get rids of unuseful pop-ups. It runs nicely all Windows operating systems including Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. BPS Popup Safeguard provides Real-Time Safety against irritating popups. BPS Popup Safeguard prevent pop-up windows from ever appearing, no need to wait while a fresh pop-up windows seems and disappears, and no lost bandwidth.

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BPS Popup Shield

Requirements :

32 MB RAM and 10 MB Hard Drive Space


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