Panoweaver 7.00 Standard for Macintosh

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Mac OS X 

Panoweaver 7.00 Standard for Macintosh

Photo Stitching and Flash Panorama Publishing

Panoweaver is the world-leading vistas stitching software. This edition supports stitching single row/multiple rows of normal plus wide-angle photos. Both circular and cylindrical panoramas may be created automatically. Apart from stitching panoramas, Panoweaver furthermore exports 360 panoramic pictures into standalone swf, Display VR, QuickTime VR, plus Java-based VR tours.

Major Features:

1 ) Stitch regular photos and wide-angle pictures

2. Automatic stitching plus manual stitching are backed

3. Stitch photos in order to spherical and cylindrical panoramas

4. Stitch photos in order to partial panorama/wide-angle photo

five. Stitch single row plus multiple rows of pictures

6. Blending features, modify exposure values automatically.

seven. Export panoramic images in order to standalone SWF, full display screen Flash, QuickTime and Coffee VR travels

8. Assistance removing tripod from vistas by using additional photo.

9. Provide collection of sewing parameters

10. Support result of six cubic pictures

Normal photo stitching along with Panoweaver 6. 0 Regular edition is quite simple. Before shooting your camera, you should first estimate the number of photos you require to take in order to have a panoramic image. Right after calculation, adjust nodal stage for your equipment, plus take those photos. If a person just want to stitch a few photos in order to a wide-angle image, a person dont need to estimate the above mentioned photo numbers. Simply take several continuous pictures and stitch with Panoweaver to get a wide-angle image.

Automatic stitching plus manual stitching are each supported in Panoweaver six. 00. Automatic stitching is usually applied when there are usually enough matching points in between adjacent photos; when right now there are not enough complementing points, manual stitching should be applied to insert matching points manually.

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Panoweaver 7.00 Standard for Macintosh

Requirements :

G4, 1G RAM, Video display of 800*600 pixels


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