UFS Explorer Standard Recovery (MacOS)

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Mac OS X 

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery (MacOS)

Data Recovery and Undelete Software for MacOS

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is comprehensive, extremely powerful and user-friendly utility specially designed for lost and deleted files recovery from most popular file systems and storages in case of logical damage of any complexity. This quick and easy-to-use software will help you recover data from lost, damaged, deleted, formatted, re-partitioned disks. Due to deterministic and heuristic algorithms this quick and easy-to-use software will help you virtually reconstruct the file system even after its severe damage. The program also allows you to test the file system for damage.

The program is intended for Self-service and Professional-service lost data recovery from supported file systems (FAT/NTFS/HFS/HFS /UFS/UFS2/XFS/ReiserFS/Ext2/Ext3/Ext4/JFS).

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery supports hard disks (IDE, SATA), USB flash drives, USB mass storage devices (including some digital cameras, MP3 players etc . ), memory card and set of virtual disks of virtual machines, created with virtualization software of major vendors (via RAID Access Plugin - VIM Import), however it supports RAID recovery with RAID Access Plugin - RAID Builder as well.

Key Features:

Quick and easy recovery of lost, deleted, missing data from different types of storages.

Damaged file system reconstruction for supported file systems. The utility also allows you to repair a corrupted or damaged partition table and attempt to restore a disk after a serious crash.

Automated deleted files recovery with set of advanced techniques such as partial metadata analysis, file system journal analysis and IntelliRAW.

Recovery of mass NAS systems with XFS, Ext3, UFS file systems (Buffalo LinkStation/TeraStation, Iomega, Adaptec Snap Servers, Promise Technologies SamartStor products, LaCie, Intel and so on).

Data recovery from failed RAID systems and virtual reconstruction of most common RAID configurations (RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-3, RAID-5 and so on) via RAID Access Plugin - RAID Builder mainly because well.

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UFS Explorer Standard Recovery (MacOS)

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