Max AnonySurf

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Max AnonySurf

Utility for anonymous Internet surfing

Utmost AnonySurf is definitely a individual unknown proxy machine and anonymizing software program. As soon as you set up it on your personal pc, it will permit you to browse the internet with personal privacy. This nearby proxy machine consists of a data source of numerous anonymous general public proxy servers situated all over the planet. The system is important for those who benefit their personal privacy and who need to browse the internet anonymously.

Utmost AnonySurf will keep your IP, or Web tackle, unlisted so you can browse the Web without becoming monitored and maintain your on-line activities personal.

Utmost AnonySurf is definitely simple to make use of. Can make a breeze for actually novice customers so you can begin browsing anonymously with a individual click on of a switch. Just set up it and obtain started!

Automatic security - Begins instantly when you switch on your Personal computer and operates silently in the history without decreasing down your Web link for hassle-free protection.

Utmost AnonySurf functions by supplying unknown proxies between your pc and the Web to protect you. It is definitely easy to set up and make use of, and it functions silently in the history, without decreasing down your Web link. Others cannot notice which IP tackle you are usually making use of to browse. It actually revolves proxy tackles so you perform not display one IP tackle to outside world.

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Max AnonySurf

Requirements :

128 MB RAM, Pentium processor


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