Dual Browser

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Dual Browser

Quickly add content to a Joomla! CMS site

If you want to add a lot of great articles from Write-up Dashboard to your Joomla! structured internet site, Dual Web browser can be for you. With Dual Web browser, you can rapidly duplicate an write-up from the Write-up Dashboard web site (http://www.articledashboard.com) and increase it seeing that a new new articles item inside a web site powered by the popular Joomla! Articles Administration System (http://www.joomla.org).

Because Dual Web browser is an actual internet web browser and not a script, you are not smashing the Write-up Dashboard Conditions Of Program, and your viewing is indistiguishable from any other individual using Web Explorer.

Making use of Dual Web browser can be easy. Initial, make certain you possess fixed your default Joomla manager to No WYSIWYG Manager in the Consumer Manager, after that merely browse to the Ezine Prepared Write-up on the Write-up Dashboard web site in the best web browser while developing a New Content material Item in the bottom level browser. As soon as you possess the Ezine Prepared Article packed in the best browser, choose the correct Section and Category in the bottom browser and clcik the XFer button. Save your new content item and congratulations! Youre on your way to a content rich web site. Keyword and Description meta tags will be generated based on the Section, Category, keywords, and first paragraph of the article.

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Dual Browser

Requirements :

Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher


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