CoffeeCup Web Editor

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CoffeeCup Web Editor

A clever and flexible code editor.

Internet Editor is a smart coding machine with the flexible workspace designed with regard to both novices and experienced veterans. Two on-screen program code editors and an online preview pane keep every thing in view while a person reach work - plus you can arrange them whatever way is most comfy for you.

A broad variety of helpers, equipment, and slick tricks will be ready to guide you through your own next big project. Make use of multiple cursors, tag coordinating, block editing, drag-n-drop coding, search-based editing, and much more personalization options than you believed possible.

Forgotten the title of an HTML component, or even one of your personal CSS classes! Web Publisher auto-suggests them for you personally because you type, keeping small typos out of your own code which could cause the fatal error. And using the plug-in system, you can include even more options whenever you require them, and even produce your own.

Proceed, get the HTML-CSS-Preview round journey. Coders with a two-monitor setup will be specifically happy: Pop the survey out and set it upon your second screen thus you can dedicate your current main monitor to a couple of related files simultaneously. When you really get directly into Web Editors flexible work space, youll wonder how might ever gotten by with out it.

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CoffeeCup Web Editor

Requirements :

OS X 10.6 or higher. Intel processor only.


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