Webserver Stress Tool

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Webserver Stress Tool

Webserver load, performance and stress test.

This program simulates many users accessing a web site via HTTP/HTTPS. The software program can simulate up in order to 10, 000 users that will independently click their method through a set associated with URLs. Simple URL designs are supported, as nicely as complex URL designs, via a Script document. Based on the guidelines you specify, the software not only requests the particular HTML of an WEB ADDRESS, but additionally frames, images, adobe flash files etc., emulating the particular same behaviour an internet browser would show whenever accessing the website. Every user is simulated with a separate thread with their own session information (i. e. cookies for every simulated user are saved separately) and "surfs" the particular URLs independently from the particular other users - exactly like in real-world usage. Web addresses can be parameterized with regard to each user and the particular sequence of URLs may be varied. POST and obtain requests are supported along with BASIC HTTP Authentication and many other settings. New scripting functionality allows you in order to create highly complex LINK patterns for large size web applications. Webserver Tension Tool helps to ensure that critical problems in your website are usually resolved before they provide down your web assets. It ensures that your own websites and applications are usually given the server assets they need to ensure a high quality consumer experience, which you are usually getting everything from the investment decision in your webserver technologies through consistent and in-depth testing and analysis. This program is the particular most cost-effective solution within the market for simulating performance, load, and tension tests for your internet server.

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Webserver Stress Tool

Requirements :

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista


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